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kanpur lucknow airport taxi

kanpur lucknow airport taxi

If flying from any other city, you can take travel an Air India flight to Delhi and then take an Air India flight from Delhi to kanpur. Many travelers to from kanpur prefer to use the airport at the neighboring city of Lucknow. It is about 70 kilometers from kanpur. Train between the cities can be taken from charbagh, Lucknow buses are available from Alambagh bus stop, Lucknow which is 6 km away from the airport.

Kanpur is divide in 6 main area below is mention main cities and towns of Kanpur Nagar are:

Central Kanpur-Kanpur Downtown, Civil Lines, Kanpur Cantonment, Nawabganj, Kanpur, Generalganj, Swaroop Nagar, Anwarganj, Gumti No:5, Parade, Chaman Ganj, Kanpur, Becon Ganj, Iftikharabad, Colonelganj, Patkapur

North Kanpur – Bithoor, Mandhana, Kalyanpur,

West Kanpur – HBTI, IIT, Rawatpur, Panki, Moti Jheel

East Kanpur – Chakeri, Jajmau, rooma

South Kanpur – Kidwai Nagar, Naubasta, Govind Nagar, Barra, Yashoda Nagar, Hanspuram, Ghatampur, Jarauli, Koyla Nagar, Damodar Nagar, Tatya Tope Nagar, Shyam Nagar

Kanpur Rural-Bilhaur, Shivrajpur, Chobepur, Bithoor, Derapur, Bhognipur, Sarvankhera, Bhitargaon

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